Private Investigations

Investigation Consultants serves private individuals, attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and corporations throughout the United States and around the world with a wide range of private investigative services including: background checks, polygraphs, undercover surveillance operations (video, electronic) infidelity investigations, workers compensation fraud investigation, pre-employment screening, insurance fraud investigations, asset searches and security consulting.

Criminal Defense Investigative Services

Criminal InvestigationsAttorney Investigative Services
Civil & Criminal Litigation Support
Court Testimony
Pre-litigation Criminal Accusation Investigations
Prospective Witness Background Investigations
Locate & Interview Witnesses
Obtain Sworn Witness Statements
Obtain & Secure Evidence
Activity Checks
Day & Night Surveillance Operations
Case Preparation Asset Searches
Demonstrative Evidence Preparation
Court Record Searches, Motor Vehicle Records
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Corporate Loss Prevention & Investigations

CorporateBusiness Loss Prevention
Internal & External Theft Investigation
Retail, Wholesale & Warehouse Investigations
Management & Employee Integrity Investigations
Undercover Mystery Shoppers
Employee Theft Interviewing and Integrations
Undercover Investigations & Surveillance
Pre-employment Screening Background Checks
Worker’s Compensation Claim Fraud
Employee Drug & Sexual Harassment Investigations
Surveillance of Field Employees
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Domestic, Divorce & Marital Relationship Investigations

DomesticPremarital Background Checks
Pre-Divorce Spouse Activity Investigations
Infidelity / Adulterous Relationship Confirmation
Cheating Spouse Surveillance
Photographic / Video / Audio / Undercover Surveillance
Criminal Stalking
Divorce Service of Legal Process
Divorce Hidden Asset Search
Locate / Missing Persons Investigations
Child Custody Matters
Child Support Asset Discovery Investigation
Nanny / Babysitter Background Investigations
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Surveillance Services

SurveillanceSurveillance Operations
Undercover Workplace Investigations 
Photographic, Video and Audio Documentation 
Day & Night Stationary & Mobile Surveillance
Vehicle Tracking & Activity Checks 
Counter Surveillance
Remote Electronic Video Surveillance 
Insurance Fraud / Workers Comp Claimant Surveillance
Cheating Spouse Fidelity Check
Divorce Cases
Child Custody Cases
Loss Prevention / Employee Theft
Personal Injury & Sexual Harassment Claims
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Insurance Investigations

InsuranceAccident Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Workers’ Compensation Claim Investigations
Witness Interviews & Statement Taking
Auto Injury Claims
Premise Liability
Personal Liability
Medical Malpractice
General Liability
Product Liability
Employee Disability Claims
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Disaster Fraud Investigation & Consultation

DisasterComplex Disaster Fraud Investigations
FEMA Disaster Relief Award Fraud
Fraud Investigations for Insurance Companies, State, & Local Governments
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